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Str. H. Abdullayev, d. 13-14
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ENERGOPROJECT ASIA is a design company that provides services for the development of
project and operational documentation, monitoring the conduct of construction work, costing
and scheduling the construction of gas supply facilities, enterprises of heat and electricity,
construction of engineering networks and related infrastructure

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Thermal power

ENERGOPROJECT ASIA specialists took part in the development of more than 100
projects generating facilities in various parts of the world installed capacity of
over 5000 MW, including solid, liquid and gaseous fuels using as traditional steam
and modern combined cycle

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Hydro Power

Design and survey work in the area of modernization and re-equipment of hydropower stations.
ENERGOPROJECT ASIA specialists provide examinations and tests, examinations and
consultations, to ensure reliable operation of the equipment. Objects: hydro turbine, hydro,
control and automation systems, electrical accessories and power plant, water management,

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Network engineering

transmission line (PTL) - one of the components of the electric network, power equipment
system for power transmission by means of an electric current. Also, the electric line as
part of a system that extends beyond the power plant or substation.
There are air and cable transmission lines

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Feasibility study contains an analysis of the costs and benefits of a project. Feasibility study enables
investors to determine whether to invest in the proposed project. In the feasibility study expected to
display the following items: the technological process, the requirements for the production
infrastructure, basic equipment, fixtures and equipment and staff labor costs and other.

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The principles of work performance

printcipy individualnyy podkhod
Personal approach
to the customer,
striving to find
the most effective solution
for each specific project
printcipy minimizatciya srokov
minimize the timing of
work through the use
of modelя
quickly adaptable
design solutions
printcipy ispolzovanie nakoplennogo opyta
Use of experience
and effective professional
design process
printcipy pimenenie sovremennykh resheniy
Usage in projects
positively proven
from partner-

Strategic objective

The strategic objective - to create an effective and dynamically developing company using advanced technologies promoting development of energy facilities.


efficient and dynamic company that uses modern technology

Competitive advantage of the organization
in the segments of activity:

A flexible approach to problem
solving that meet
the requirements
of modern energy
Designing the whole complex of the thermal
ower plant for solid, liquid and
and gaseous fuels using
both traditional steam
and modern combined-cycle
Stable qualified
of organization allows
operatively address issues
that arise during
the design and construction
of the facility
icon preimushchestva
The application of modern
technical means

used by the original
Complete services
оfrom business planning and
feasibility studies
to detailed engineering investments
estimating, construction schedules,
expertise and project coordination,
construction supervision
Use of modern
automated process

control systems
marker kompaniya obespechivaet
The solution of the reconcilement of completed
projects on their own in governmental and the inspecting bodies
marker kompaniya obespechivaet
Technical assistance to the Customer in obtaining technical conditions
from the power supply company for the construction
marker kompaniya obespechivaet
Connection to the mains electricity facility