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Republic of Uzbekistan,
Tashkent, Mirzo
Ulugbek district,
Str. H. Abdullayev, d. 13-14
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+ 998 71 263 31 57
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ENERGOPROJECT ASIA is a design company that provides services for the development of
project and operational documentation, monitoring the conduct of construction work, costing
and scheduling the construction of gas supply facilities, enterprises of heat and electricity,
construction of engineering networks and related infrastructure

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Thermal power

ENERGOPROJECT ASIA specialists took part in the development of more than 100
projects generating facilities in various parts of the world installed capacity of
over 5000 MW, including solid, liquid and gaseous fuels using as traditional steam
and modern combined cycle

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Hydro Power

Design and survey work in the area of modernization and re-equipment of hydropower stations.
ENERGOPROJECT ASIA specialists provide examinations and tests, examinations and
consultations, to ensure reliable operation of the equipment. Objects: hydro turbine, hydro,
control and automation systems, electrical accessories and power plant, water management,

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Network engineering

transmission line (PTL) - one of the components of the electric network, power equipment
system for power transmission by means of an electric current. Also, the electric line as
part of a system that extends beyond the power plant or substation.
There are air and cable transmission lines

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Feasibility study contains an analysis of the costs and benefits of a project. Feasibility study enables
investors to determine whether to invest in the proposed project. In the feasibility study expected to
display the following items: the technological process, the requirements for the production
infrastructure, basic equipment, fixtures and equipment and staff labor costs and other.

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Правовая основа: Устав зарегистрированный и Свидетельство выданное Министерством юстиции Республики Узбекистан

Адрес: 100125 Республика Узбекистан, Ташкент, Мирзо Улугбекский район, ул. Х. Абдуллаева, д. 13-14

Телефон: + 998 71 263 31 87, + 998 71 263 31 57

Адрес в Интернете: www.ep-aziya.uz

Идентификационный номер: 303374119

ОКОНХ: 66000

Банковский счет  расчетные счета в АКБ «УЗПРОМСТРОЙБАНК»:

20214000700481443001 Узбекский сум

20214840900481443001 доллары США

Акционерный капитал: 200 000 долларов США